10 Interesting Ways to Make Your Long-Haul Flight Journey Happening

Passengers on a flight sleeping

Those granted long flights can be quite boring incredibly….but that boredom is inevitable, turning it into something useful is always optional. Utilize those hours by giving time to yourself and doing something productive, relaxing, or entertaining. Ask, how? Here we have 10 of the different ways to beat boredom onboard.

What to do on a plane: Tips for travelers

1. Organize your Phone

Finger on a smartphone, organizing Apps

It doesn’t matter if you flew to Hawaii, Florida, or Madrid on a budget… It’s awful to be stuck in a seat for more than 5 hours. Why not convert this vexing situation into an opportunity? It’s one of the easiest ways to pass the time on a flight by doing something you usually put off. There’s no better time to manage your unorganized apps, useless screenshots, and way too many open browser tabs than right now. Setting up your phone is a simple but efficient method to kill time. Configure app sections, eliminate unneeded photos, and clear your trash and notifications. Sort your programs into categories based on what they have in common, then give your folder a name that is self-explanatory so you know what it’s for. 

2. Practice the Art of Conversation

Two ladies communicating on a plane

If you are traveling with someone you can do a lot of tit-bits to pass the time. If you are a couple you have a lot of time to have a great conversation. Speak out about all the special things you have never said to your partner before, this will build your relationship stronger. Why not make it a memorable flight? You can also strike up a great conversation with your neighbor by asking about their life experiences. Who knows that can be a turning point in your life. And you might get a great piece of advice you’ve never got or a new business idea.

3. Read any Book or Magazine

A passenger reads a magazine on a private plane

Many of us enjoy curling up with a good book, but finding the time to do so can be difficult. A long-haul flight is an excellent opportunity to do so. Nothing beats a good story to pass the time, whether it’s a classic novel, a new thriller, or a celebrity autobiography. If you’re traveling light and only have carry-on luggage, a Kindle is a good investment. They take up significantly less space in your backpack and are also much lighter.

4. Eat

Business class starter

Eating can also be one of those ways and tips to beat boredom on a long flight. Besides this, eating gives you relaxation too. Even if you are not hungry, munch something to pass your time and enjoy the delight of eating during these long hours.

5. Plan your Itinerary

A woman doing paperwork on a plane

Organized folk will probably have their full trip itinerary locked down months in advance. If you’re a last-minute kinda individual, this is the best time to plan your holiday. You can make most of these hours in the air researching the key sights that you wouldn’t wanna miss out on. Also, figure out which restaurants serve the best local cuisine. Either bring a guidebook on the plane with you – you can probably buy one at the airport – or download some info on your phone or tablet that you can read offline.

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6. Learn a Language

Beautiful Asian travel woman reading a book in an airplane

If you still didn’t like any of these ideas on— how to pass time on a long-haul flight, try this! You can download any app or buy a book related to any language that you are fond of. If traveling to a country where the language that is spoken is completely different from your mother tongue, then this is the best time to learn some frequently used words of that place.

7. Sleep

Businesswoman with sleeping mask sitting in private plane

When it comes to catching up on things you’ve fallen behind on, sleeping is a terrific way to fill those extra hours, and you might even be able to balance out that jetlag. However, avoid taking seats in the last row or in front of an emergency exit because you won’t be able to recline your seat or sleep in peace while others stroll past you the entire journey. It’s awful but at the same time an easy and relaxing way on— how to survive long flights?

8. Philophisize Staring at the Window

Female passenger watching a movie on the touchpad

You can listen to a custom-made playlist of your own and lose it in your own thoughts. Why not give time to yourself by introspecting. Talking to yourself about a further move is the best healing for your restless soul. You can plan out what next you can do and how you can do it. This might help you give a pump in life. Later on, you will think that this moment actually made my life. A break was all that I needed!

9. Play Offline Fun Games

Man in VR glasses projecting 3d dimension during aircraft flight

Games can be fun things to do on a plane/flight. In this busy life, you might not have enough time for yourself to do some entertainment. And games are not just a source of entertainment but also help train and destress our minds. So get some of the offline games installed on your phone and give a kick to your brain.

10. Watch a Film or TV show

Passenger in airplane touching LCD entertainment screen.

This is a tried-and-true classic. On a long flight, you can waste hours catching up on the latest movie releases or binge-watching a new TV series. Most airlines provide in-flight entertainment, so you’ll almost certainly have a large selection to pick from. If you want to watch something specific, download it to your tablet or laptop before you leave the house. Although there may be Wi-Fi onboard, it may not be reliable or fast enough to allow you to stream anything. Just make sure your gadget is fully charged and that your headphones are packed in your carry-on luggage!

Summing up

These were the tips on how to pass time on long hour flights. Sky has no limit and you can find some other way to make the most of this time. Happy flying!

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