Top 8 Things to Do in Seattle, Washington

Seattle skyline at sunset

Seattle is the northernmost city in the US & of course one of the most attractive as well. It used to be a boring Industrial & seaport city in the past but now it has emerged as one of the most happening destinations in the North-west US. The city has a vibrant and very relaxing aura. The settled beach life, the pacific coast, a host of fun activities, and proximity to the Canadian border makes it an exciting place in the US. The city offers you city life, culture, cuisines, comic con & coffee. Here is a list of the top things to do in Seattle:

1. Explore the Coffee culture with a big Latte!

Caffè latte
Caffè latte

Among all the fun things to do in Seattle, Washington, this is the most loving of all! Do you know Seattle is the birthplace of the universally adored Starbucks coffee chain? The seattleites love to experiment with their coffee. The city is well-known not only for all the freshly made coffees like Mocha, lattes, Chai Latte, Espresso & caramel frappuccinos, etc but also for the freshly roasted coffee beans.

2. A peek into Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park:

Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park
Chilkoot Trail, Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park

One of the best places to visit in Seattle is the Gold Rush Historical Park to trace the history & associated tales of the Gold rush of 1987. We all know America is synonymous with European migration & their struggle to find the treasure in their alien land. A study of Gold rush history is an opportunity to peek into how things went in this domain. Situated right in the heart of the city, this historical museum presents you with all relevant information to explore this domain.

3. Technology, Innovation & the Silicon valley of North:

Elliott Bay,Seattle,Washington
Elliott Bay, Seattle

Seattle is a hub for technology and tech-driven industry. The city holds the headquarters for many of the American giant tech firms like Amazon & Microsoft and is quickly catching the silicon valley of the US. In fact, the city is moving so briskly in this direction that people started to call it the Silicon Valley of the North!

4. Scale the Towing Space Needle:

Full moon over the city of Seattle
Full moon over the city of Seattle

One of the most prominent tourist attractions in Seattle is the towering Space Needle Tower. This is the foremost attraction in Seattle and most visitors prefer to put it on their bucket lists. At first glance, it looks like a hovering giant UFO spaceship but once you achieve its summit, you’ll get the view of a city like never before.

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5. A delicacy affair at the Chinatown International District:

Hing Hay Park - Chinatown, Seattle
Hing Hay Park – Chinatown, Seattle

Don’t go by the name! Chinatown isn’t meant for only the American people of Chinese origin but for general East Asian people. The district traces its history to 1800 something and in fact, is as old as the city of Seattle itself. The district displays the amazing Japanese, Chinese & Filipino cultures among all others & don’t forget to grab some Korean fish cakes or dim-sums on your way back home!

6. Mount Rainier & Olympic National Park:

Mt. Rainier from Seattle
Mt. Rainier from Seattle

All that city vibe needs a natural escape and it will be a crime to not see the Olympic National park lying in the vicinity of Seattle city. Mount Rainier is so stunning that all that natural wandering comes to a standstill here. With old-grown pine trees, wild yet gentle meadows, and brookside flowers, it is one of the surest things to see in Seattle!

7. Explore the marine colors at the Seattle Aquarium:

Seattle Aquarium
Seattle Aquarium

Amongst all the tourist attractions in Seattle, this exhibition of breathing marine colors needs special mention. Located along the city’s waterfront on Pier 59, this is the most vivid exhibition of marine life to the naked human eye in this coastal city. Since 1977, this has been a fabulous favorite of locals & tourists alike. Explore all the Pacific marine life in just one scoop!

8. Pike Place Market grocery hunting:

Pike Place Market - Public Market
Pike Place Market – Public Market

This is yet another great attraction in Seattle. This place is particularly very appreciated by the locals but has an equal charm among the tourists. Pike Place Market is one of the oldest farmer’s markets in the US & has a great collection of eatables (both local and global). Make sure to not miss this place & buy fish for some luncheon delight!

Seattle has emerged from a boring-clinging town in the north to one of the most happening places along the Pacific coast in America. Make sure you don’t miss all of its colors & attractions!


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