8 Best Thrilling Hikes Near Salt Lake City, Utah

Cecret lake trail - Utah

Hikers, skiers, mountain bikers, and climbers can find some of the most magnificent landscapes in the country in Salt Lake City, which also offers a varied selection of activities for them. Almost the entire city is surrounded by mountain ranges, which add to Salt Lake’s attractive skyline and provide access to beautiful hiking routes within the city limits. Salt Lake City offers many adventurous hiking trails with the best views.

Whether you were born here or are passing through on a road trip, these must-do hikes near Salt Lake City will be thrilling!

Here we have the top eight hikes in Salt Lake City to go around.

1. Lake Blanche 

Sundial Peak and Lake Blanche, Wasatch Front, Utah
Sundial Peak and Lake Blanche, Wasatch Front, Utah

Because this beautiful mountain-top lake lies in a protected watershed, no swimming or dogs are permitted. Regardless, because of the fauna, scenery, and climactic top, this is one of the most unforgettable Utah climbs. It’s a tough hike, so bring plenty of water and snacks, as well as a headlamp if you plan on staying longer. Spikes and poles are suggested from November to May since the track might be slick in the winter. 

You will gain about 2,700 feet elevation within 3 miles. The trail is about 6-7 miles long. You can hike to two more lakes from there. Lake Blanche is one of the three lakes. You can reach Lilian and Florence lake from there. It is like you can be there and back. The trail is best suited for healthy adults as it is hard to complete due to the high steepness.

2. Cecret Lake 

Cecret Lake, Utah
Cecret Lake, Utah

The mountain backdrop of the Cecret Lake walk is ideal for family photos. Even though swimming is prohibited, you can still have a picnic in the fresh mountain air.

Because parking is limited, parking in the Wildcat base area parking lot and hiking up to Upper Albion Meadows is recommended. This will make the hike longer, but you’ll be able to see gorgeous wildflowers and get those additional steps in during the spring and summer.

If you’re looking for a more laid-back day, the Alta Ski Area shuttle is available as long as it’s running. Dress in layers if you’re going in the cold. 

You will gain at an elevation of 459 feet. It comes under one of those easy hikes near Salt Lake City that ranges from 1-7 miles. It’s a reach and be back kind of trail. Dogs are not permitted along the route.

3. Bells Canyon to Lower Falls

Bells Canyon, Utah
Bells Canyon, Utah

Hikers will love Bells Canyon. The walk leads to a lower waterfall that is beautiful in both summer and winter. The waterfall is frequently frozen throughout the winter months, attracting individuals who prefer snowshoeing. If you’re hiking in the winter, pack spikes and poles because several hikers have reported slipping and falling. Be careful at the finish because it might be quite steep! If you have time, there are several other trailheads in Bells Canyon worth visiting. 

Hiking to Bells Canyon is hard and will take you upto an elevation of 1453 feet. It’s not a dog-friendly place. Hiking with family becomes more challenging during winters. 

4. Lake Mary, Martha, and Catherine 

Marys Lake - Utah
Marys Lake – Utah

The difficulty level of hiking at Lake Mary is moderate. On the way down, the mild elevation on the way up allows for a pleasant stroll. This trip features three lakes, making it ideal for individuals who need to take frequent pauses. The vistas are breathtaking, especially considering how accessible the terrain is. You will reach an elevation of upto 1200 feet. You cannot take your dog along on this hike. It stretches upto a length of 4.5 miles.

Be cautious in the winter and spring because it can be snowy or muddy. The route, on the other hand, is well-kept and can get rather popular on weekends. Bring plenty of water and a fully charged phone to take snaps.

5. Neffs Canyon

Neffs Canyon
Neffs Canyon

Hiking at Neffs Canyon and reaching an elevation gain of 3559 feet— a hard row to hoe. You can take your dog on the hike but keep it on a leash. This place is not suitable to reach with your family. 

This hike is crowded at first, but as you progress, you will find some more space for yourself. Forests and mountains surround you. This hike can turn slippery during winter. When necessary, put on proper snowshoes.

There’s plenty of wildlife around, and you’ll likely notice animal trails as well as a plethora of wildflowers in the summer. Because there is low mobile reception in this area, certain places may be overgrown, so keep on the trail. This hike is the ideal opportunity to disconnect from technology and experience a meditative reset inspired by nature.

6. Donut Falls 

Donut Falls, Utah
Donut Falls, Utah

If you go less far this hike becomes easy. It extends upto a length of 3.2 miles and reaches an elevation of 518 feet. You cannot take your dog to this place as it’s risky. 

The hike that goes to the falls is plain, however, you should scrabble up some boulders to see the falls which go down from the cave. Some children and the elderly will find it difficult to climb up the boulders. You can climb up the boulders to see the gorgeous falls.

You will be unfortunate to see “donut” falls during winter as snow will cover that part of the cave, but the hike will be beautiful. Bring snowshoes or spikes when necessary. Families will often sled on the hills near the trailhead if it snows recently. The falls will flow freely during spring and summer.

7. Silver Lake 

Silver Lake Flat Reservoir, Utah
Silver Lake Flat Reservoir, Utah

This is a relatively simple trail that is ideal for people of all skill levels. Woods and mountains surround Silver Lake and this loop trail encircles it. During the winter, the trail is only open to individuals who are using snowshoes or cross-country skis. You need to purchase Solitude Nordic Center’s pass. Otherwise, the trail is free to use from spring through fall for individuals who want to take a leisurely walk through nature without breaking a sweat. It is very easy to do this hiking. It reaches a length of 1 mile with an elevation of just 55 feet. Although you cannot take your dog along. 

8. Mt. Olympus

Mt. Olympus - Salt Lake City, Utah
Mt. Olympus – Salt Lake City, Utah

The difficulty level is hard on this trail. You would reach a length and elevation of 8 miles and 4192 feet respectively. It is not a family-friendly place.

You can see The Wasatch Valley and Salt Lake City from this difficult hike. The trip begins in a Cottonwood Heights community at the base of the mountain, so you won’t have to travel far into the canyon. This stands among one of the hardest hikes near Salt Lake City

The climb is tough, but it might be a fantastic first trek for aspiring mountaineers. Keep an eye on the trail because some hikers have reported accidentally straying off it if they aren’t paying attention. You will enjoy many breathtaking views.

So now after reading this, which place would you like to hike among these best hiking places in Salt Lake City?

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