Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Miami, FL

Water skiing in Miami

One of the world’s most famous metropolises, Miami city is a dream destination for millions of tourists. The best part about this city is that you don’t have to worry too much about finding worth-visiting locations as Miami’s beaches and restaurants are widely known.

The sunny weather here is perfect for some skin tan! Not only this but the overall cultural practices found here are truly amazing. Havana is one of those places which serves the tint of Cuban culture along with a modern splash. Miami has many art galleries, museums, and collections and hosts Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami International Film Festival, the Miami Book Fair International, Carnival Miami, and many other cultural events throughout the year.

So, even if you are not a glam lover, you’re still going to find uber-cool stuff. There are many reasons why people visit Miami, but one of the most popular is the nightlife. This popular spot for a bit of fun after dark is known for its combination of South Beach clubs and Cuban sandwiches that cure hangovers. Some stone claws, steak one day, and cream-filled croquetas are pretty easily available here. With this blog, we’re easing up on your search time and sharing top attractions in Miami that are a must-visit. 

Hot Spots of Miami to Getaway from Winter Blues!

The magic city has great things to offer for all age groups! It’s filled with experiences of fun, learning, and thrill! 

1. Miami Beach

Sunset in Miami South Beach
Sunset at Miami Beach

The best to beat the heat while enjoying some cool breeze is by visiting a beach. Miami is famous for its top-class beaches. The exquisite nightclubs, shopping centers, high-rise buildings, and monuments make it a meaningful place to visit. To save money and enjoy less crowd, visit on weekends. 

Things to do: Groove in nightclubs, shop your heart out and visit art galleries.

2. The Wynwood Walls

Attractions in Miami - Wynwood Art
Wynwood Art

Got love graffiti? Wynwood is just the place for you and your young ones. It’s a unique graffiti museum that possesses 35 original sculptures from world-renowned artists. It makes a perfect tourist attraction in Miami for families, especially the kids as they feel awestruck with such fine art around them, making them curious to know more about it. Do check out the gift shop and guided tour here. 

Things to do: Attend artist shows, click insta worthy pictures, learn, and get creative ideas for yourself. 

3. Jungle Island

Attractions in Miami - Jungle Island
Jungle Island – Image via Instagram – KDK Asesores 2025 C.A.

Home to giant parrots Jungle Island is a beloved tourist spot in Miami. Animals lovers will have a gala over here spotting different creatures like tortoises, kangaroos, lemurs, and a cassowary. You can also enjoy the petting zoo style just nearby the playground. Isn’t it just the best thing to do in Miami with kids in 2023? These exquisite animals will give you a real-life encounter with their lives.

Things to do: Discover animals, pet them, and enjoy the nearby pool. 

4. Perez Art Museum

Attractions in Miami - Perez Art Museum
Perez Art Museum – Image via Instagram – Pérez Art Museum Miami

Apart from fun activities and attractions in Miami, there is a lot to learn about art and culture at Perez Art Museum. An alluringly crafted museum that has something exciting for not just the kids but also adults. A guided tour is available to watch the exhibit highlights describing the nature of Miami

Things to do: Spill your creativity in art-making workshops, visit sculpture gardens, and involve kids in storytime activities.

5. South Beach

South Beach, Miami - Attractions in Miami
South Beach, Miami

A celebrity hotspot for the beach vacation it is also known as Sobe, South Beach is a magnific neighborhood of Miami. Best known for its stretched white sand in the entire USA, visitors here enjoy the lit nightlife. From food to lincoln road shopping sprees you’ll never get bored of South Beach. It’s also the top-rated tourist attraction in Miami, NV.

Things to do: Shop, explore the cultural arena, and check out restaurants and bars.

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6. Miami Seaquarium

Dolphins in Miami Seaquarium - Attractions in Miami
Dolphins in Miami Seaquarium

Miamis Seaquarium will fill your heart with love truly with so many animals that you get to discover. A place known for the conservation of manatees that are still healing or can’t be released into the wild. The humane animal shows are the highlight of this place. You can have a glance at dolphins, sea lions, and whales. If you are looking for the best things to do in Miami count on the Seaquarium visit in! 

Things to do: Learn about mammals in an educational classroom, take an underwater walking journey, and interact with penguins.

7. Magic City Casino

Magic City Casino - Attractions in Miami
Magic City Casino, Miami – Image via Instagram – David Alejandro Lopez Torres

In the center of Miami’s busy streetscapes, the Magic City Casino offers Las Vegas-style games combined with Miami-style fun. Magic City Casino is the first to offer virtual Blackjack and live-action Baccarat, exotic music nights featuring renowned artists, and 800 Las Vegas-style slot machines.

Things to do:  Play table games, groove with the music, and enjoy the delicacies.

8. Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

Frost Museum of Science - Attractions in Miami
Frost Museum of Science Miami Downtown

One of the biggest collections of marine animals, aquariums, science displays, and a planetarium, this museum explores marine life and the wonders of science. In addition to educating locals and tourists about marine ecosystems and animals, this enormous building also teaches physics and biology.

Things to do: Explore the virtual gulf stream, pet string ray, and check out the coral reefs.

9. Bayside MarketPlace

Bayside Marketplace - Attractions in Miami
Bayside Marketplace, Miami

Bayside MarketPlace is for all the shopaholics out there. Located in the heart of downtown Miami it’s an open complex and a shopping hub. If you are planning to shop for a quirky outfit for your beach day there are many shops here. It also hosts several special events throughout the summer, so stop by its Visitor Center for more information on what’s happening during your visit.

Things to do: Shop, explore bars and restaurants, and participate in special events.

10. Key Biscayne

Famous lighthouse at Key Biscayne - Attractions in Miami
Famous lighthouse at Key Biscayne, Miami

Key Biscayne offers a great beach experience just minutes from Downtown Miami. With sandy beaches, awe-inspiring views of nature, and great food, it’s the perfect place to visit with your beau! The only underwater archaeological trail in the United States is located near Key Biscayne’s coastal barrier reef.

Things to do: Cruise sailing, Private sightseeing tours and opt for water sports.

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