Top Things to Do in Syracuse that are sure to Tick off your Bucket List!

Clinton Square

Syracuse is located in New York’s heart and is a getaway to the Finger Lake region in the east. Known as “The Salt City,” this place is a perfect vacation spot to add fun flavors to your life. Apart from its famous New York Trade Fair, art, culture, and museums, it’s also renowned for being the snowiest city in the United States. The diverse culture will help you explore some of the finest food options that will make you revisit Syracuse. Many are unaware of the widespread things to do in Syracuse; with this blog, we’ll be sharing some fun places and things to explore in Syracuse.

What are the Best Things to Do in Syracuse, New York?

1. Explore Green Lake State Park

Green Lake in New York State Park

The Green Lake State Park is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Syracuse. To have a fun outdoor experience, this place is just a drive away from Syracuse. The two glacial lakes and their blue-green color are the highlights of this place. The lakes are surrounded by hills making it a perfect summertime spot. 

2. Visit Museums

Syracuse savings Bank Building (left) and Gridley Building (right) at Clinton Square

Syracuse is one of the much-loved cities by history buffs. Explore the canal era, go down the memory lane, explore the exhibits, and check out renowned art museums to truly get into the soul of this city. Some of the famous museums to explore are— the Erie Canal Museum, the Onondaga Historical Association, the Museum of Science and Technology, and The Everson Salt Museum. One of the best things to do in Syracuse is to visit these museums. 

3. Participate in Great New York State Fair

New York State Fair

If you are looking for some fun activities in Syracuse then do not miss out on the New York Trade Fair. To join in the madness of the fair the best time to visit would be during the month of August. It is considered to be one of the oldest fairs in the country and the largest. It continues for 13 days with several exhibits, concerts, and state descriptions of their culture, art, and technology.  It’s one of the fun activities in Syracuse to indulge yourself in!

What are the Famous Attractions in Syracuse?

1. Duomo Church

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Syracuse’s Duomo is under Unesco protection and is considered one of the most important churches in the world. A beautiful combination of baroque and rococo architecture makes this a striking structure that originated in the worship of Minerva.

2. Museum of Science and Technology

dinosaur skeleton in museum

The Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse offers hands-on exhibits for children and adults alike. Take a helicopter ride over a major metropolitan area and sit in a cockpit mockup of an F-16 fighter jet to get a bird’s eye view.

3. The Destiny USA

Young couple with shopping bags in mall

This massive mall is the state’s largest shopping area and has renowned retailers, including more than a dozen sit-down restaurants, plenty of nightlife and entertainment, and inexpensive outlet stores. They also host events such as antique shows and free kids’ activities.

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What is the Best Time to Visit Syracuse?

The months of May through late July, and September through mid-November, are ideal for visiting Syracuse. The city’s peak season is during the summer months, when the weather is mild and dry, making it ideal for outdoor activities. Another excellent season to view the magnificent colorful leaves is during the autumn season. Visit Syracuse sightseeing to take in the gorgeous scenery. 

How do I spend a Day in Syracuse?

Destiny USA, one of the country’s largest malls, is an all-ages entertainment complex that will far surpass expectations for a retail center. Hands-on displays such as the Canyon Climb Adventure ropes course (pictured), go-kart rides, mirror mazes, and, of course, lots of outlet shopping are available. Off the paths, there are playgrounds, picnic spaces, and lakeside vistas to enjoy. Niagra falls is an attraction near Syracuse, NY which is just 3 hours drive away and can be covered in a day. 

How many Days should I spend in Syracuse, NY?

This beautiful city atleast requires a 3-night and 2-day trip to explore it perfectly. The attractions are pretty close so you’d be actually saving a lot of time in traveling and more on exploring new locations. You can scour some sea fun and have alone time in nature as well during your 2-day trip. 

Does Syracuse have good Nightlife?

Syracuse’s nightlife is fantastic. With amazing sports pubs and chic cocktail clubs one can never get over the fun. Whether you want to grab a quick drink with friends, have a happy hour with coworkers, spend an evening out with a special date, or hit the dance floor, Syracuse has all of those alternatives. You’ll never get over the fun things to do in Syracuse, New York during nighttime. 

Syracuse has something interesting for every age group to enjoy, be it in terms of entertainment, history, family time, or romantic getaway you have it all here. If you are planning a getaway to this gorgeous New York City, then book with us to travel affordable and hassle-free.

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