7 Interesting Things To Know About San Francisco If You Are Traveling There

San Francisco Bay

San Francisco is a lovely admiring place known for its beautiful attractions— Golden Gate Bridge, Steep Streets, Alcatraz, Full House, and many more. You cannot miss out on these attractions in San Francisco. Apart from these places, there are certain strange yet fun things about San Francisco that you should know. 

Here are certain interesting facts about San Francisco that you should know about before visiting the place. 

San Francisco, California, Skyline
San Francisco, California, Skyline


1. It is Legal to Get Naked in San Francisco

Yeah! People do practice this. You can find people roaming around in the parks naked. You will see naked people doing shopping in the Haight. At Baker beach, there are many individuals seen basking in the sun. Baker Beach is a nude beach—fair caveat to you!

2. Bay to Breakers—  A Legacy of San Francisco

This is an annual race. During this festival, people run from the Bay to the ocean. It is a kind of walking marathon/party. The costume that everyone wears is an absurd one or either half of an absurd one or nothing at all. All are heavily drunk. The oldest running footrace in the world. Also, the most un-race-like party you will ever get a chance to attend. If anything will give you a taste of the “real” San Francisco, it is the Bay to Breakers.

3. Never, Ever, Call it, San Fran Or Frisco—Ever!

Before knowing the reason let’s hear the names that are too lovable to the people of San Francisco—” SF” and “ The City”. Only these two are the names. 

The reason behind not calling it San Fran or Frisco is that this city is named after St. Francis of Assisi. Frisco becomes a nickname that harkens back to the city of the Barbary Coast’s brawling, rowdy days, and the cribs and sailors who were shanghaied. So please don’t use this. Some people even considered Frisco as slang. You should pronounce it as “San franCISco” giving more stress on the CIS, and it’s not really pronounced as “Fran” but “Frun”.

4. San Franciscans are Very particular when they Talk about Burrito

Ask them, where is the best mission-style burrito? You will get a zillion of advice and different answers on the things that no one usually cares about. There will be opinions like whether lettuce or fries or rice belongs in a burrito, grilled or not. Also, the length of the line you will stand in and the cost.

5. Public Transit Systems are Convenient to Use, and Inexplicably Delayed

Yes, the public transit systems, Muni and Bart, are so convenient to use, and are also inexplicably delayed. The lines are so much easier than the scribbled lines but long. And yet, there is a like or dislike kinda relationship between MUNI and BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). They’re generally always late or delayed or just at low speed. This happens mainly in the season of rain. You can also take LYFT instead.

6. There are some Unspoken Rules about Transit

You should stand on the right, and walk on the left. Always prefer lining up in 2 lines on both the sides of the door in the BART. Even if your train is not coming the next. Make space for everyone, even individuals with bikes, until you cannot physically move anymore, and then start panicking quietly. It is respectful of you to give off your seat to the elder ones, pregnant women, or anyone having a child. If not doing so, you will be silently shamed for the whole ride. Avoid making unnecessary eye contact and listen to your headphones during the ride. Don’t directly touch anything with your hands during the transit.

7. You can see Everything within a Day’s Drive in San Francisco

You can view the sunny beach, snowy mountains, Alpine lakes, wine county, and deserts. Also dense forests, a rugged coastline, and many adorable towns to explore.

These are some of the things to know about San Francisco. Take a snap at the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, or tottle around Alcatraz Island, it’s your day at San Francisco. Keep in mind these things once you are there in San Francisco. Once again to remind you, never call it San Fran or Frisco!

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