How You Can Make the Most of Los Angeles in One Day?

Los Angeles Skyline

Well! To travel a place, one day is definitely not enough and especially when we talk about Los Angeles–the city of Angels. But if you have a busy schedule and running out of time even a day seems enough. Being a large and populous city of California state, LA has a lot many things to explore. Let’s read more to visit Los Angeles in one day at its best.

Check out this Los Angeles One Day Itinerary:

To begin with your trip in LA, prefer having a car as this gives you enough flexibility and saves your time. You can also take public transport if you are good at researching the buses, metros, and other sharing rides. As LA is the most populous city in California state, try avoiding those peak hours of traffic from 6 am to 9 am and 4 pm to 7 pm. Here’s the list of the 7 centers of attraction of the City of Angels that you can cover in a single day.

1. Start at Venice Beach

Venice Beach Skatepark
Venice Beach Skatepark

It is considered to be one of the most populous tourist attractions of the world with around 30000 visitors a day. After breakfast, enjoy a stroll along the free-spirited Venice Boardwalk, which features vibrant graffiti, street performers, and eccentric stores. You could notice some things along the way that make you laugh, but you might also find all of this to be really entertaining. You would love it if you enjoy bohemian culture. 

Apart from relaxing at the beach you can also enjoy some of the recreational activities like basketball, paddle tennis, handball tournaments and other special events. 

2. Strike at Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica Pier

This marks the second destination of your Los Angeles one day tour. Lying around three miles away from Venice Beach, it is a historic landmark considered as one of the most romantic gateways of California. This place offers a wide variety of activities for you and your loved ones. Here you can have a variety of activities from rides such as West Coaster and Pacific Wheel to carnival games along with enjoying food at Pacific Park. This place has plenty of beach side cafes and restrooms. This pier also offers an arcade, roller coaster along with the Giant Ferris wheel.

3. Roll Pacific Palisades

Santa Monica Bay in Los Angeles
Santa Monica Bay in Los Angeles

After visiting the Santa Monica, you can head to Pacific Palisades cliffs that rise majestically above the Santa Monica Beach and Pier. Expansive ocean vistas are combined with the sound of breaking waves and the lovely aroma of salty air from this vantage point. The vistas go all the way to Malibu in the north and all the way to the Santa Monica Pier in the south. Walk along the clifftop of Pacific Palisades which hangs about 50 feet above the highway. You can have a burger with the fries at a nearby In n out.

4. Explore the Getty Center 

The Getty Center
The Getty Center

The next spot is the gorgeous Getty Center which is considered as L.A.’s most popular attraction and a must-see. On a hilltop in the Santa Monica mountains, the museum complex is located.

There are no entry fees except for the parking which is accessible at the bottom of the hill for $20 per vehicle, including the funicular ride to the top of the hill. 

The museum is divided into several buildings, each with its own set of galleries. The Center houses some of Los Angeles’ finest and most costly art collections. Beyond this, there is also a garden that spreads around 134000 sq. ft. where you can sit in peace.

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5. Visit the Chinese Theater

Chinese theatre on Hollywood street
Chinese theatre on Hollywood street

After Getty Center, head the Chinese theater for free, marked as one of the best venues for the Academy awards ceremony from 1944-1946. Most of the visitors are more enticed to see the celebrity handprints and footprints which are located in the concrete of the theater forecourt. “To err is the trend”–This trend initiated at the time of the theater construction when one of the Hollywood legends accidentally stepped into the wet cement that was outside the building. In place of covering the imprints the owner of the theater encouraged other celebrities to carry out the “mistake”. 

The Chinese Theater has been transformed into a spectacular 923-seater IMAX theater that shows high-definition movies. If you’re interested, you can still see a movie in this historic location.

6. Stroll at the Walk of Fame

Single Empty star on Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, California
Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles

From Chinese Theater reach to the Walk of fame, recognized as a Hollywood icon internationally and consists of over 2600 five pointed stars which are made of brass and embedded in the sidewalks alongside the Hollywood Boulevard. These stars consist of the names of famous musicians, actors, directors and producers to pay a homage to them in the industry of entertainment.

It stretches over the 15 blocks around 1.3 miles. To walk whole would just waste your time so just take a few steps and have an idea of what the buzz is all about.

7. Reach out to Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory
Griffith Observatory

End your Los Angeles one day trip by visiting this observatory. Being one of the most spectacular places in the town, you will love this spot. You can view the Santa Monica Pier from the bird-eyed view of the observatory. You will reach this destination at sunset which is the best time to visit this place depending on the time of the year. 

This was all about how you can spend one day in L.A with these travel tips that you can follow and have fun. Tick off your bucket list and make beautiful memories at the City of Angels.

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