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Delta Air Lines is a prominent American airline, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. With a rich history dating back to 1924, Delta has grown to become one of the world’s largest and most respected carriers. Known for its commitment to safety, reliability, and exceptional customer service, Delta operates a vast network of domestic and international flights, connecting passengers to destinations across the globe. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or planning your next adventure, Delta Airlines offers a seamless and comfortable travel experience, making it a top choice for millions of passengers every year.

Flight Reservation Policy

Delta Airlines has a reservation policy designed to provide flexibility and convenience to its passengers. When booking a flight with Delta, passengers can change their reservations within 24 hours of booking without incurring any change fees. Beyond that window, the ability to make changes depends on the fare type selected during booking. Passengers with non-refundable tickets may incur change fees and fare differences when modifying their itineraries, while those with refundable tickets enjoy more flexibility. 

Delta also offers a risk-free cancellation period within 24 hours, during which passengers can cancel their bookings and receive a full refund. Additionally, Delta’s “Basic Economy” fares typically come with more restrictions, such as no seat selection and limited carry-on baggage, so passengers need to understand the fare rules and options when making their reservations. Overall, Delta’s reservation policy is designed to cater to a variety of passenger needs and preferences.

Flight Check-in Policy

Whether you choose to perform your check-in through, the Fly Delta app, or in person at the airport, you will be required to provide government-issued photo identification along with your boarding pass. For international travelers, there may be additional documentation requirements.

Online Check-In:

  • Online check-in allows passengers to check in for their flights through the Delta Air Lines website or mobile app.
  • You can typically check in starting 24 hours before your scheduled departure time.
  • After completing the online check-in process, you can receive a mobile boarding pass or print a paper boarding pass, depending on your preference.
  • This option is convenient for passengers with or without checked baggage.

Curbside Check-In:

  • Curbside check-in involves driving to the airport and checking in at the curbside drop-off area, usually in front of the terminal.
  • Delta often offers curbside check-in services with staff assistance for passengers who prefer to use something other than self-service kiosks or the airline’s website.
  • Passengers can drop off their checked baggage, and the airline staff will assist with the check-in process.

Baggage Policy

Carry-On Baggage:

  • Each passenger is allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item (e.g., a purse or laptop bag).
  • Carry-on bags must meet specific size and weight requirements, typically a maximum of 22 x 14 x 9 inches (56 x 35 x 23 cm).

Checked Baggage:

  • Delta’s checked baggage allowance may vary depending on the fare type and destination.
  • For standard economy class tickets within the United States (excluding Basic Economy), passengers typically receive one free checked bag, and the weight limit is typically 50 pounds (23 kilograms).
  • For international flights, the baggage allowance can vary depending on the specific route and class of service.

Excess Baggage Fees:

  • If your checked baggage exceeds the weight or size limits or if you have more bags than your allowance, you will be charged additional fees. These fees vary, so it’s important to check Delta’s website or contact them for specific details.

Special Items:

  • Delta may have specific policies for items such as sports equipment, musical instruments, and oversized or fragile items. It’s recommended to review these policies in advance.

Minor Policy

When young travelers journey solo on our flights, Delta goes to great lengths to ensure their safety, comfort, and an enjoyable travel experience. Discover their unaccompanied minor program, which includes benefits such as a wristband with tracking capabilities, a dedicated Sky Zone lounge for children, and the presence of Delta staff to accompany your child throughout their travel day.

Children ages 15-17 are permitted to travel as a standard passenger, provided they can present a valid ID to security personnel. If parents or guardians prefer, they can also travel as an unaccompanied minor. 

For more information visit Delta Airlines

Flight Cancellation Policy 

If your travel plans change, Delta Airlines provides you with options for canceling your ticket before departure or applying for a refund if your ticket is refundable. Additionally, if you booked your flight within the last 24 hours, you can find out details about our 24-hour Risk-Free Cancellation.

TO CANCEL A NON-REFUNDABLE TICKET, you may incur a cancellation charge, and the remaining value of your ticket will be given to you as an eCredit for future use. Here’s how to cancel such a ticket:

1. Make sure to cancel your ticket before your scheduled departure, as no value will be retained for tickets canceled after departure.

2. Log in to your account or access your trip details on the airline’s website.

3. Choose the specific trip you wish to cancel.

4. Click on the ‘Need to Cancel?’ option.

5. Select ‘Start Flight Cancellation’ and follow the provided instructions.

Please note that cancellation fees do not apply to certain types of tickets, including Delta Main Cabin and above tickets for domestic or international travel, excluding Basic Economy tickets. For tickets subject to cancellation fees, these charges can start at $99, depending on your travel details. The remaining ticket value, after deducting the cancellation charge, will be provided as an eCredit. The eCredit’s expiration date depends on the terms of your original ticket and any applicable waivers.

Keep in mind that tickets issued for travel originating in Mexico cannot be canceled or changed, and for tickets originating in Korea, they will be refunded to the original form of payment after deducting the cancellation charge. Specific fees for Basic Economy tickets can be found on the airline’s website, along with your ticket’s Fare Rules and the Baggage & Travel Fees page.

TO CANCEL A REFUNDABLE TICKET, here are the steps:

1. Access your booking by logging into your account or using the “Find Your Trip” option.

2. Choose the specific flight you wish to cancel.

3. Look for the ‘Need to Cancel?’ button and click on it.

4. Select ‘Start Flight Cancellation’ and follow the provided instructions.

To apply for a refund for a refundable ticket, follow these steps:

1. Visit the ‘My Trips’ section on the website.

2. Request a refund for your upcoming trip. Please note that your ticket must be refundable and originally purchased with a credit card, cash, or check. The refund will be credited back to your original payment method.

If you have a trip protection plan, you can cancel it for a full premium refund within 15 days of purchase, provided you haven’t filed a claim or embarked on your journey. After this period, premiums are non-refundable.

Additionally, if you’ve already submitted a refund request for an upcoming trip, you can check the status of your refund request.

Flight Change Policy

Delta acknowledges that your travel plans can be subject to alterations. To enhance your travel experience, Delta has removed change fees for flights originating from the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean to any destination worldwide, with the exception of Basic Economy tickets.

Making adjustments, cancellations, or rescheduling your flight is a straightforward process online via the My Trips platform before your departure. 

Name Correction Policy

Delta Airlines has a policy for correcting passenger names on domestic and international tickets. When specific conditions apply, you should reach out to Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance. These conditions include:

1. If the itinerary involves flights operated by carriers other than Delta (e.g., Aeromexico, Air France, KLM, Korean Air, or Virgin Atlantic).

2. If the itinerary includes travel to or from China.

3. If the itinerary includes travel to or from India.

4. If more than three letters of the customer’s last name need to be corrected.

5. If the name has already been corrected once and requires further correction, necessitating a second ticket reissue.

Flight Delay Policy

Delta Air Lines is committed to providing you with the best possible customer service during your air travel experience. We have defined our obligations and how we will meet them in a set of 12 key principles, referred to as our Customer Commitment.

Please visit Delta’s website to read them in detail!

Missed Flight Policy

If you miss your flight, your entire itinerary, including the return trip, may be canceled per our Contract of Carriage. If your plans change and you are unable to make your flight, please contact us immediately to review your options and update your itinerary.

Pet Policy

Embark on a journey with your beloved furry companion, as some pets can either accompany you in the cabin or be transported as precious cargo, depending on their size.

Please visit Delta’s website to read them in detail!

Covid Policy

When entering or transiting through the United States, contact tracing information must be provided by all travelers, and the requirement for COVID-19 testing and vaccination has been lifted.

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