Which Airport is the Best to Fly into New York City?

Route of commercial airplane flying to New York

Whether you are flying to NYC or flying out of NYC you will look into a pile of airports to fly. You might be ambiguous over which airport to pick based on the amenities, comfort and convenience. Not just the foreigners, even the locals wonder over which NYC airport should they fly in – (JFK, LaGuardia or Newark). There are three major airports in NYC depending on the comfort and amenities. Before starting your trip let’s read about them to make your trip a memorable one. 

How to Pick the Best NYC Airport?

Plane over Manhattan, NYC
Plane over Manhattan, NYC

It’s not that any of the airports is bad or something. But all of them are on top for different reasons. For example, LGA is great at conveyance during early mornings or late nights. JFK is good when you wish to take that long subway ride. EWR is good if you wish to travel through mass transit. New York airport which is closer to the city is JFK as it lies in the main city.

Newark is the best if you have to take that flight during the rush hours and be there in a calculated way. As you will take that New Jersey transit from Manhattan’s Penn Station and reach the perfect time. 

There are different pros and cons of all the airports. But, if distance, time, and money have to play into the decision making there will be different answers. 

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Which Airport in New York You Should Choose and Why?

Here we refer to some of the tips and tricks for flights to fly in and out of NYC. Whether you are a long-time local looking for a new preferable airport or a first-time traveler. Let’s get to know about the various aspects of the three great airports of the city to land and take off through.

As an add on, we are mentioning Stewart International Airport. The airport doesn’t lie in NYC but if you wish to trip to the northern part of NYC or fly through Jet blue or Frontier Airlines, you can make Stewart your choice while booking the flight.

John F. Kennedy International Airport:

John F. Kennedy International Airport
John F. Kennedy International Airport

JFK (John F. Kennedy) is a quite large international airport which lies in the southeastern part of NYC in Queens, just right to the place where Queens joins the border with the remaining part of Long Island, New York. If taking that long subway ride is fine for you from where you are staying then you can choose it. Provided that there should be someone to pick you up, or you take a taxi ride which is expensive into Manhattan.

LaGuardia Airport:

Passing under LaGuardia New York USA Airport Highway Sign
LaGuardia Airport Highway Sign

LGA (La Guardia) is a smaller airport with a terminal which is LGA (LaGuardia) is a smaller airport having a redone terminal. Other terminals are the older ones. It stands in the northwest end region of Queens, which is close to Elmhurst and Astoria. LGA is so close to Manhattan. It’s great to choose if you are near Manhattan.

Newark Liberty International Airport:

Aerial view of the Newark International Airport in New Jersey, USA
Aerial view of the Newark International Airport in New Jersey, USA

EWR (Newark Airport) is huge and located in the west direction of Manhattan at 25 minutes. No matter where you stay be it Manhattan, nearby or anywhere, it is the ideal choice that you can make. It is not located on the NYC subway, but you can easily reach it through the NJ Transit train for commuting. This makes it easy to choose this airport if you wish to commute through public transport and avoid booking taxis. Hence, the answer to the question of what is the best NYC airport to fly into is EWR due to its convenience through various routes.

The choice is yours! We have just framed the nitty-gritty of the different airports to make it easy for you to know about. All the three major airports have their own value in different aspects.

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