Check out these 8 Thrilling Campgrounds in Colorado

Colorado's 11 mile reservoir state park

Colorado allures travelers with great tons of astounding lovely places and iconic hiking trails. It stands to justify the reason that there are the best campgrounds in Colorado springs. Dozing beneath the stars beside those ancient rocks or glaring at the lush green trees sounds majestic.

Before you pack your bags, there are certain things you need to bear in mind. Firstly, you cannot recall the time in the fresh memories when you were a part of outdoorsy vacation with a bunch of your loved ones. This means these state and national parks are packed enough than ever. So, it is crucial to make a prior reservation otherwise you will risk having dreams of snoozing dashed in a tent. 

Ready to put up the tent, lit a fire area (if it is not prohibited), tell those campfire stories and let those melodies of nature make you fall asleep in its lap? 

Let’s take a glance at these eight best camping hot spots in Colorado.


Mueller State Park (Colorado)
Mueller State Park (Colorado)

Muller State Park is a well spread and equipped campground under 30 miles west of Colorado Springs. It snugs over amongst the aspen trees and nature trails. You can several electrical engaging sites that are available for the trailers with horses. This makes it one of the best campgrounds in Colorado for RVs. The spot is ideal for bike lovers, horse riders, and skiing (Nordic Style) during winter. 


Eleven Mile Reservoir, Colorado
Eleven Mile Reservoir, Colorado

It lies along the waterfront of the Eleven Mile Reservoir and is just an hour’s drive west of Colorado Springs. You will require an extra time to reach there but that can be compensated with the excellent boating access, unbeatable fishing opportunities and remarkable views of the rocky mountains terrains. This campground has showers and laundry rooms to access throughout the summers and it is also one of the best campgrounds in Colorado with showers. Reserve the site prior to the time to reach during the peak camping season. 


Maroon Bells road to campground in Aspen, Colorado
Maroon Bells – Aspen, Colorado

Maroon Bells is the most stunning spot in Colorado. It is also considered a major photogenic destination in the US. No one can deny the fact that the beauty of the place is just outside of Aspen. It’s not just to upload snaps over Instagram handles but far from it! You can take a panoramic view of the two mountains taller to the height of 14000ft. Shimmery lakes bloomed in meadows and dense forests border these mountains. Way to soak in the scenic beauty is—Hiking. It is the most popular route as it is a friendly hike comfortable for all fitness levels. 

This can also be the best campgrounds in Colorado for families.


Lake Odessa in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Lake Odessa in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

It stands as the most visited park in the whole country. Rocky Mountain National Park entices 4.5 million nature lovers each year. Let’s see why? It spans over an area of 415 sq. miles and in the Continental division, this northern Colorado gem makes a home to the pine forests, gleamy lakes, rugged mountains and glaciers. Thus ideal trail ridge passes the Aspen trees, rivers and numerous scenic outlooks. Another thing that makes it great is it consists of both—campgrounds and around 260 backcountry camping sites. With that, you cannot hold on to the desirability of this outstanding place. It is one of the best campgrounds in the Colorado mountains which will thrill your heart.


Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado
Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

Excited to experience the tallest sand dunes in Colorado? Stop hereby, as the Great Sand Dunes National Park is a thrilling destination where alluring scenery and adventure lure us around everywhere. You can go sledding and sandboarding at this place. So be ready to trek to the peak of the massive, sky caressing sand down and sliding all way along. Don’t forget to capture those moments on your phone. Not willing to get back from the unforgettable day of the sand centric action? You can also spend an overnight, tenting in this milieu. 


Jackson Lake State Park - Orchard, CO
Jackson Lake State Park – Orchard, CO

An Oasis in the Plains, Jackson Lake State Park offers limitless chances to have waterfront fun. Be it swimming, boating, or water skiing it is one of the best campgrounds in Colorado near water.  Another popular aspect is fishing as wipers and walleye just splash around in the water. 

During the sunset, it gets more awesome to watch. This is because Jackson State Park is the only destination to get the status of Dark Sky Designation. That is a pretty great deal and this also shows that you have a heart for stargazing. Definitely, you would not want to go so choose to stay by picking from a slew of campsites. It also stands as one of the dog-friendly campgrounds in Colorado.


Staunton State Park
Staunton State Park

Lying six miles west of Conifer, Staunton State Park is relatively a newcomer opened in 2013.  

Although it’s new it is a gem in creating a big impact within a short span of time. You cannot resist the alluring diversity of the place. The place has got exceptional landscapes, that range from the high verdant meadows and mounting cliffs to flowing streams and waterfalls. This translates to a plethora variety of different plants and wildlife species. The opportunities to recreate are highly robust. There are a variety of activities to do—Climbing, hiking, biking, horseback riding and fishing.


Colorado State Park Red Rocks
Colorado State Park Red Rocks

It stretches along the west side of the Medicines Bow Mountains and towards the north end of the Never Summer range. State Forest State Park spreads to more than 71k acres and is the largest ark in Colorado. Not just massive but it is a place of dense forests, rugged peaks and alpine lakes. You will observe antlered residents while hiking or biking. There is a delight to the birdwatchers in glazing the black-capped chickadees, Steller’s Jays and other different types of finches. Winter is a great season to ski, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and snowboarding. The camping sites extend the gamut from the recreational vehicle sites to overlook the reservoir and primitive tents near water. This facilitates you to hike with outhouses and cooking facilities which makes it difficult when the temperature drops. 

Winter is prime for skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding and snowmobiling. Camping setups run the gamut from RV sites overlooking the reservoir and primitive tents near the water to hike-in yurts with outhouses and cooking facilities (which are probably your best bet when the temperature drops).

Some of the best private campgrounds in Colorado are Base Camp at Golden gate Canyon, Dolores River RV Resort, and Golden eagle Campground.

Still thinking about camping in Colorado. Pack your essentials and go to any of the suggested Colorado camping locations. You would definitely have a great adventure watching the stunning beauty of Colorado.

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