5 Most Amazing Botanical Gardens of the United States that You Must Visit

New York botanic garden

Couldn’t make it to Japan this spring to see the cherry blossoms? What if we tell you that there are still dozens of venues in your city where you can get your flower fix? 

Where is the biggest and the best botanical garden in the US? Which is the smallest botanical garden in the US? Where is the most beautiful garden in the USA? All these questions will be sorted after reading this blog. There’s no shortage of variety in ornamental dendritic displays at the breathtaking list of botanical gardens in the US, from exotic butterflies to vanilla orchids! Take a break from the concrete sidewalks and the daily grind and visit one of these seven urban paradises instead! 

You might be wondering, how many botanical gardens are there in the US? To your surprise, there are around 1000 botanical gardens in the US including small and big ones. It will almost take you a year to visit these botanical gardens if you want to cover them all. So let’s take a look at the list of numerous botanical gardens to visit in the US.

Desert Botanical Garden

Phoenix, AZ

In the desert, there’s a botanical garden? No, this isn’t a joke. The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona, spans 140 acres and is home to over 50,000 species that showcase the desert’s beauty and diversity. Choose from five distinct loops to stroll through to see gigantic cacti, century plants, wildflowers, and even uncommon arid-adapted herbs. With all that botany, how about some culture? The Plants and People of the Sonoran Desert Trail at this garden also allows visitors to learn about how aboriginal people survived in the desert. Before you go, double-check the schedule! You won’t want to miss the gardens’ various special events, which include music, art, and even a ballet dance at night throughout the year. 

Missouri Botanical Garden

St. Louis, MO

If you enjoy orchids, you must pay a visit to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. This 79-acre garden, named after founder and benefactor Henry Shaw, houses one of the world’s greatest collections of rare and endangered orchids! There are over 2,800 plants, a river aquarium with exotic fish, the largest Japanese garden in North America, and the oldest continuously operated greenhouse west of the Mississippi River, in addition to the orchids. The Climatron greenhouse, the first geodesic dome to be utilized as a conservatory, is located in the middle. As if that weren’t enough, only a few kilometers away from the botanical garden is an 18,000-square-foot indoor butterfly conservatory with approximately 2,000 butterflies. 

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Dallas, TX

The Dallas Arboretum is well-known for its holiday-themed activities, with seventeen different gardens to choose from spread around the 66-acre property. The Fall Festival, on the other hand, is the crown gem of the activities, with 90,000 pumpkins and 150,000 fall blooming plants used to construct a complete Pumpkin Village. It is regarded as one of the top and most beautiful botanical gardens in the US. 

New York Botanical Garden

New York, NY

The New York Botanical Garden is the place to go if you’re seeking for an urban refuge in the heart of the concrete jungle. This is the largest botanical garden in the US. You’ll find everything from around the world tour of eleven distinct plant habitats and a 37-acre conifer collection to a research center with a 550,000-volume library and a herbarium of over 7 million botanical specimens dating back more than three centuries in this 250-acre paradise right in the heart of the Big Apple!

Portland Japanese Garden

Portland, OR

The Portland Japanese Garden is the smallest of the gardens on our list, spanning about 5.5 acres on the city’s west hills. But don’t be fooled by the small size; this site offers everything you might desire in a zen garden than some! The designers of this garden were inspired by Buddhist and Taoist teachings and employed the three fundamental characteristics of traditional Japanese gardens to create a haven of profound peace and contemplation.

All of these botanical gardens are astonishing and worth watching. So, rest yourself and take this beautiful tour to enjoy the lustrous green environment of the US.

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